Krusovice – the right beer

Dark brown beer, lager, mild malátaaromával. Materials for high-quality Moravian malt and hops, Zatec. A special feature is the lower, 3.8% alcohol content, which is easy on the beer, fogyaszthatóvá of summer heat as well, and therefore women are also recommended. Light (Imperial) together with the draft version of the form is also available. The brewery is situated near the Prague Praha Krusovice located in the village of Nature Conservation Area, which also use mineral water. The brewery II. Rudolf German-Roman Emperor (and king of Hungary) was founded in 1581. The characteristics of today’s Prague pubs Krusovice integral part of the spectacle. The brand image of the Prague skyline, buildings are bound. This light, aromatic beer Czech Republic leading export beer brand, the main export market for Germany. Porter who is not a fan, it’s worth You must try again!

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(Magyar) BL napokon is irány a Pointer Pub! Hatalmas kivetítőn nézheted a mérkőzéseket, miközben kedvenc sörödet is ihatod!

Margit krt.
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