Bombardier – Drinks of england

After the first sip of filtered down to me not the other, since a string of beer Alok face. Fine, have a cooling effect on the first draft after a man in a silk-and-mouth taste bitter character greets back. What else can not be compared, such as barley malt, hops and caramel megbolondításával process was achieved erjesztéses drink.

This is the beer, I say unto you, that’s perfect. I do not know why, but at this moment while I sip, I say, English-style beer, silky character.

Which means that if the price would not be much they were, it is also suitable for everyday consumption that have a beer for connoisseurs, like myself, I am.

Yes, this is a luxury beer.

Why I say this?

Maybe because it could be seven quarries in the price, or five pieces of Becks, ET, or could be that four-five and yet I could enumerate Tuborg …:)

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Champions League

(Magyar) BL napokon is irány a Pointer Pub! Hatalmas kivetítőn nézheted a mérkőzéseket, miközben kedvenc sörödet is ihatod!

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